My Wine Headaches Are A Thing Of The Past—Now I LOVE Girls’ Night Out Again! (Here’s How I Did It…)

By Elena Summers
Published on 05/20/2024 at 12:07 PM

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Ugh… the ONE TIME I stayed home instead of going out to wine tasting night with my girlfriends, they had the most epic evening.

Months later, they were STILL talking about it. I can’t believe I missed out… but what was I supposed to do?

Every time I drink wine, my face turns red (NOT cute).

And then, I almost immediately get a headache that feels like someone is putting my brain through a woodchipper. (Every time!)

Yes, I know… I could have still joined my girlfriends and not had any wine. But it’s so boring and AWKWARD to be the only one not drinking.

I did my research, and it turns out, it’s the SULFITES AND HISTAMINES in wine that are to blame for my headaches—which aren’t as uncommon as I thought.

(Apparently, up to 75% of wine drinkers experience side effects like I do!)

That said, the next Girls’ Night Out was a lot different. Because one of my girlfriends FINALLY shared with me that she TOO struggles with wine side effects… or at least, she used to.

As it turns out, she recently discovered a little accessory that allows her to enjoy wine again—WITHOUT the side effects.

And she offered to bring a few extra with her to the next Girls’ Night so I could try it out myself…

HOLY HECK, YOU GUYS. That night, I let myself fully celebrate friendship & a kids-free evening while relaxing into a couple glasses of vino…

With NO face flush, NO headache, NO stuffy nose, NO upset stomach.

And it’s all thanks to my friend for letting me try her little accessory—The Wand Wine Purifier.

What Is The Wand?

The Wand is a new wine purifier that removes over 95% of histamines AND sulfites from your glass of wine in minutes.

(The stuff I mentioned before causes up to 75% of wine drinkers to have allergy-like symptoms from wine.)

This means no more of the headaches, stuffy nose, face flush, or upset stomach that show up right after your first sip… and last through to the next morning. Hallelujah!

Discovering The Wand has been a game-changer for me… and I’ve also learned a lot about wine since I started using it!

For example, did you know that the sulfites wine companies put in the bottle to keep your vino fresh during shipping and storage have been banned by the FDA for use on fresh vegetables and fruits? Yet somehow they’re still allowed in your wine?!

(And even organic “sulfate-free” wines have naturally occurring sulfites AND histamines.)

Yes, THOSE histamines. The stuff allergies are made of that have you reaching for a bottle of ANTI….HISTAMINES.

But The Wand lets you enjoy all the GOOD STUFF in a glass of wine… while REMOVING all the bad stuff that ruins your evening and next morning.

It keeps all the wonderful compounds like antioxidants that doctors say lower your cholesterol, regulate your blood sugar, maintains a healthy heart, improves your digestion, and even reduce your risk of certain cancers.

(Not to mention the fun buzz, the yummy taste, and all the social Insta-worthy times with your friends! 😉)

How Does The Wand Work?

You simply bring The Wand with you to wherever you know you’ll be drinking—the bar or restaurant, a friend’s house, a vineyard, anywhere!

(It’s compact enough to fit in your clutch or purse, so it can go wherever you go.)

When you’re ready to melt the day away (or elevate your night of celebration) with a glass of red, white, rosé, OR bubbly…

Simply remove The Wand from its wrapper and stir it around in your glass of wine. That’s it!

The little purification beads inside of The Wand instantly start to “vacuum” up the histamines and sulfites. (You’ll even notice the beads swell as they absorb all those additives.)

And then they keep those additives trapped inside so they don’t leak back into your wine.

When you’re done drinking your glass, you just toss The Wand in the recycling bin and get ready for a fun night ahead… and a refreshing morning with no headache, no congestion, no regrets, and no FOMO. It’s that easy!

And The Wand won’t make your wine taste bad or anything like that. In fact, it actually enhances the FLAVOR of your wine. That’s because it returns the taste back to what the winemaker originally intended BEFORE they had to add preservatives for shipping and storage.

(I recently learned you don’t need the preservatives once the bottle is open and the wine is in your glass. So, this gives you a SAFE way to enjoy delicious wine… WITHOUT the crippling side effects.)

Here’s Why I’ll Never Drink Wine Without The Wand Again:

It’s been about a month since I first discovered The Wand, and this is what I found out…

When I drink wine WITHOUT The Wand, my face is red all night (so embarrassing) and I have a headache the next morning that makes me regret my life choices every time.

BUT when I take a few minutes to put The Wand in my glass before I start drinking, I have a fabulous evening, and I feel like a million bucks the next day!

I even discovered that The Wand can bring an old bottle of wine back to life at home.

(Saving me a decent amount of money since I used to dump out open bottles once they started to get that “nasty” taste.)

And clearly, I’m not the only one who loves The Wand. Over 8 MILLION of these things have been sold with over 5,500 reviews averaging 4.5 / 5 stars!

Overall, I’m SO glad that I can finally enjoy Girls’ Night Out without hating my life choices the next day. The Wand makes drinking wine enjoyable again—now I never drink wine without it!

UPDATE: Here’s How to Get the Best Price on The Wand

The morning after a night of celebrating life and enjoying the company of friends with a couple glasses of wine, I feel like garbage. My head feels like it might implode, my face hurts, and I can’t focus on getting anything done.

In those moments, would I pay 2 or 3 bucks to feel like myself again? 100% YESS! I’d pay WAY more than that!

And since I now know that whenever I drink with The Wand, I feel great the next day, and whenever I don’t, I feel awful… I just buy a big bundle of them to get the best deal.

Speaking of, the last time I checked… PureWine (the company that makes The Wand) is still offering a limited-time special—buy two 10-packs, get one free—PLUS free shipping!

And if you try one and don’t like it, just send the rest back for a full refund. Super simple.

Click below to see if they’re still running this special so you can get the best deal!

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