Power in the Palm of Your Hand

By Abby
Published on 06/05/2024 at 8:28 AM

Meet Hootie. The accessory you never knew you needed, but that you can’t live without.

Hootie is a game-changer when it comes to women’s safety. Whether you’re a young female living on a college campus or a senior citizen who enjoys a daily walk, this personal safety alarm should be considered an essential accessory to have in your possession at all times.

How It Works

It’s ear-piercing. It’s distracting. It’s lifesaving.

Hootie is an innovative new product that provides fearless independence to women when in unaccompanied situations like running, hiking, or walking to a car after work. It’s a modern personal safety device that when activated, triggers an intense strobe light and piercing 130-decibel alarm to create an immediate diversion and deter an attacker.

That’s louder than a rock concert or jet engine.

Fear no longer, ladies. This cutting-edge product encourages women to live life to the fullest, without fear of attack when enjoying active solo time.

When feeling threatened or in a compromising situation, the user easily pulls a pin that triggers the device. The noise is loud enough to temporarily startle an assailant, providing time to escape. It can be heard up to 1,000 feet away – quickly and easily attracting help.

Hootie lasts up to a year without losing battery power and is made of durable ABS plastic that withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to impact, rust, and water.

It’s Even Stylish

Women love a great accessory, and Hootie fits right in.

It’s compact, lightweight, and available in five stylish colors (white, black, red, mint, and navy) for easy coordination with any purse or backpack. The compact device is small enough to keep in your pocket – or attach to a bag, water bottle, or keychain with its strong carabiner – but large enough to easily grab in an instant.

It’s so cost-effective you could purchase a few to suit your style, mood, or special occasion! Or, purchase a few and always have one ready-to-go on your backpack, purse, or water bottle – whichever accessory you’re choosing for that day’s outing.

Why It’s Needed

While the hope is you’ll never need to use it, global statistics point to the fact that far too many women need Hootie.

  • 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner or non-partner1
  • Adult women account for nearly half of human trafficking victims1
  • 1 in 7 women have been stalked at some point in their lifetime2
  • Violence against women and girls is a global pandemic that affects 1 in 3 women in their lifetime3

Violence against women unfortunately knows no social or economic boundaries, affecting all demographics. While community-based efforts are prevalent to combat these startling statistics, the issue continues.

Already have mace? Here’s why Hootie is better.

You can’t hear mace.

Many women carry mace or pepper spray, but Hootie takes your personal safety to the next level. A significant risk with mace and pepper spray is missing your target and potentially further endangering yourself, especially if missing your target means you sprayed yourself instead. Hootie eliminates the risk of misdirected or inadvertent discharge with its simple pull-trigger, requiring two pounds of pulling force.

In addition, Hootie’s exceptionally loud noise and blinding strobe light not only startles the assailant and provides an opportunity for escape, but it attracts attention as well. Let them hear you!

Alternative Use

While the intention behind Hootie is to serve as a personal safety alarm for women, it can also serve an unexpected purpose.

Experiencing a medical emergency while jogging, hiking, or biking? Lost on an outdoor adventure in an unfamiliar place? Activate your Hootie to draw help.

Get Hootie

Husbands, fathers, and brothers – as you look ahead to birthdays and gift-giving holidays, put Hootie at the top of your list for the ladies in your life. You’ll rest easy knowing they have a personal safety companion when you’re not with them.

Ladies – get ready to live your life unapologetically free of fear. Treat yourself to this extra layer of self-protection and embark on your next run, walk, hike, girls’ trip, or solo adventure with total peace of mind.


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References: Human trafficking1 Stalking2 Violence against women and girls3