These New “Barehanded” Gardening Gloves Feel Better Than Any Pair We’ve Ever Tried — And They Last For Years

By Elena Summers
Published on 05/20/2024 at 12:05 PM

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“I’ve never felt anything like this — these are the best gardening gloves I’ve ever had!”

If you love to garden in your spare time, you know how hard it can be on your hands…

So, if you’re like most gardeners, you’ve owned dozens of gardening gloves over the years.

And every year or so, when your old ones wear out, you run to the store and replace them with the first pair you stumble across. All gardening gloves are pretty much the same, right?

Sometimes they fit well, but the thick PVC restricts your finger movement… or they feel great, but are too thin… or they check all the boxes, yet wear out after a single season…

Gardening gloves are usually “good enough” — but they’re never perfect!

I mean, have you ever fallen in love with a pair of gardening gloves? Do you have a “favorite pair”? Didn’t think so!

But a New York startup called Foxgloves has been working hard to change that — and recently, they made a huge step forward with their new line of “Grip” gardening gloves.

These new gloves use a revolutionary combination of materials that’s so soft it feels like you’re not wearing gloves at all — yet it’s durable enough to last for years, fits snugly, and is comfortable to wear for hours on end.

The gloves have already gone viral, with gardeners around the world raving about how amazing they feel. If you garden regularly, these could be those “perfect gardening gloves” you never even knew you needed!

What are Foxgloves Grip?

Foxgloves Grip is a new type of gardening glove that uses patented Supplex® nylon to provide a “barehanded” feel and impressive long-lasting durability.

That’s right — not only are they high-quality gloves, they give you a completely new feeling while gardening!

They were created by Harriet Zbikowski, a professional horticulturist for 20+ years with a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University.

After spending literally thousands of hours in gardens and nurseries — and wasting thousands of dollars on subpar gloves over the years — she took matters into her own hands.

After years of testing, she discovered a combination that blew her away… and started a small revolution in the gardening world.

“When I combined Invista Supplex® nylon with the four-way stretch of Invista Lycra® elastane, I couldn’t believe the result.

The gloves were durable, form fitting, extremely comfortable and kept my hands and nails clean. Even after hours of garden time!”

- Harriet Zbikowski, Foxgloves Founder

She shared the prototype with friends, who were too impressed to let her keep them to herself. And now gardeners around the world can enjoy the same “barehand” feel Harriet discovered out of necessity!

But that’s not the only reason Foxgloves are unique…

While the unique combination of materials is definitely revolutionary by itself, Foxgloves actually offer many more “upgrades” over your standard gardening glove:

  1. Their Supplex® nylon construction provides a perfect fit that gives you barehanded dexterity.
  2. The satin-soft inner layer cushions your hands and makes gardening comfortable — even for hours and hours!
  3. The complete protection offered by Foxgloves seals your hands away from the dirt and grime that comes with gardening. No more dirty or broken nails!
  4. They’re water resistant and fit close to your hand, keeping soil out and your hands clean at all times.
  5. Their tough nylon and elastane blend resists abrasions and stays durable. Foxgloves might be the last pair of gardening gloves you ever need to buy!

Foxgloves are even rated at UPF 50+, protecting the delicate skin of your hands from harmful UV rays without needing to put on sunscreen.

Why do Foxgloves work so well?

Foxgloves are made with a breathable knit fabric that keeps out soil and protects your hands and nails from getting dirty.

The Supplex® nylon feels super soft, yet is tough and resilient.
The Lycra® elastane gives the gloves a form fit.

The texture built into the fingers increases your gripping power, and the longer cuff keeps dirt from sneaking into your gloves or sleeve.

Another important factor Foxgloves gets right is the unbeatable sun protection. You may not realize it, but harmful UV rays can creep in through other gloves, damaging your skin without you realizing it. But Foxgloves is rated UPF 50+, so you never have to worry!

With older gloves, all this added protection and durability would cost you dexterity and feel “tougher”. This can be a problem for all the delicate tasks required in your garden!

Foxgloves solves this problem by offering a snug fit that doesn't restrict your hand for the pruning and pulling you’ll need to do.

What are people saying about Foxgloves?

Based on reviews
My Favorite Gloves

I always have at least a half dozen pair on hand. I have extensive flower beds and a large veggie garden. I'm working in a garden somewhere in my yard pretty much daily from spring to fall. These are the gloves I grab every time. I have multiple pairs so I can switch them out over the course of the day as they get wet or muddy. I often drop a squirt of soap on them while wearing them and wash them right on my hands, rinse, remove, and hang to dry before moving on to the next pair. I've been using these gloves for at least 1 years. I've also gifted multiple pairs to friends and family.

- Joyce H.

Best possible gloves for gardening!

Comfortable, protective, neither too hot nor too cool, durable and washable. I give them to all my gardening friends…and to myself.

- K

Super duper

Love these gloves. Feel great and work great.

- Susan Q.

Best gardening glove ever

You can feel the soil, grasp your tools firmly, get the work done comfortably and then - when you strip off the gloves - your hands are clean, your nails have absolutely no dirt under them, and, to top it off, your thoroughly filthy gloves wash clean as new. What's not to like?

- Joyce M.

Do Foxgloves Grip live up to the hype?

Yes, absolutely — Foxgloves are the best gardening gloves on the market right now, hands down!

There isn’t anything in the world that offers the same level of protection, comfort and the bare-handed feel they offer you.

In fact, Foxgloves are so good that they’re the glove of choice for more than just gardeners. Birders, hikers, photographers and equestrians all over the world use Foxgloves to achieve unparalleled protection without sacrificing their fine movements.

By combining the performance of activewear and the durability of Supplex® nylon and Lycra® elastane, Harriet and her Foxgloves are changing how the world gardens.

If you’re a gardener, we highly recommend trying Foxgloves. They come with a 90-day trial period — and once you’ve tried them, you’ll understand why so many people are throwing away their old gardening gloves for good!

Update: Discounts on Foxgloves available for a limited time!

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