Tired Of Wrinkled Or Loose Bed Sheets? This Innovative Device Makes It Easy To Get That “Five-Star Hotel” Look And Feel!

By Elena Summers
Published on 05/20/2024 at 12:07 PM

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Quick question: Do you like loose, wrinkled bed sheets that fall off the mattress while you sleep?

Didn’t think so. For some of us, this is a minor annoyance… but for people like me, it’s actually a serious problem – all it takes is one little wrinkle in my bedsheets and my sleep is disturbed!

On the other hand, there’s no better feeling than plopping down into a perfectly made hotel bed. I just LOVE that crisp, clean feeling of sleeping on perfectly tight sheets – don’t you?! I’ve always wanted to know the secret to getting them so perfect… but I tried everything, and until recently, I was still stuck struggling with wrinkled sheets that fall off in the middle of the night.

To make matters worse, my husband tosses and turns at night… so even if I get my sheets exactly how I like them, it won’t last long. Every morning I’d wake up to this:


So one morning, after a particularly frustrating night, I decided to do something about it. At first, I tried some techniques I found on YouTube… but none were reliable. Either they required way too much work, or the sheets would quickly return to their wrinkled state after one night.

However, one of the comments on the videos mentioned something called Bed Scrunchie – a new invention that easily fixes this “loose sheet” problem… for good. I looked it up and was surprised to find that it has a 4.4-star rating with 3200+ reviews. (Hmm… did I stumble on the “hotel secret” to getting those perfectly tight sheets?!)

Naturally, I had to give it a try. They have a 100-night money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty, so why not? Well, let me tell you: I’m SO glad I decided to try Bed Scrunchie. It’s quickly become my new bed’s best friend, and now I sleep better than ever!

What is Bed Scrunchie?

Bed Scrunchie is the world’s first 360-degree, all-in-one bed tightening solution.

The “360-degree” system is what makes Bed Scrunchie so unique – unlike other systems that are either labor-intensive or ineffective, Bed Scrunchie is extremely easy to use and guarantees a tight fit, every time.

It clips to the edges of your bed sheets first, then you put on your bed sheets just like you normally would.

My favorite part? There’s no mattress lifting required! You simply slide it on and pull on the cord to tighten. A child could do it! (In fact, I’m planning on getting one for my child – not only will they sleep easier, it teaches them good habits.)

Thanks to its innovative design, BedScrunchie even works on sheets that are too short for the mattress – and it can convert a flat sheet into a fitted sheet!

It’s AMAZING if your bedsheets are loose, wrinkly, or too short. In a matter of seconds, I get that perfect tightness – every time, without fail! Heck, I even tried yanking the sheets off just to see how tight it is… and they wouldn’t budge. It’s SOLID!

In fact, I was so excited that I told my friend about it, and she freaked out – she recently added a mattress topper, and she couldn’t get the darn sheets to stay put. The BedScrunchie worked for her, too!

How does Bed Scrunchie work?

This invention is so genius because it attaches to your bedsheets first – making it really simple to get this on your bed and get it on tight.

To attach Bed Scrunchie, all you have to do is:

  1. Lay your bed sheet over the mattress with the elastic facing up.
  2. Attach the Bed Scrunchie clips around the mattress. (The Bed Scrunchie has a bungee cord with markings that guide you, making it super easy to set up).

3. Flip over your bed sheet and put it on your mattress like usual.

4. Pull the cord to tighten it to your liking (I prefer extra tight) and lock it in.

That’s it – your Bed Scrunchie is ready to go. From here, simply tuck the cord underneath the mattress and you’re ready to rest!

It may take you a moment at first, but it’s just like learning to make your bed – once you have it down, it’s a total breeze. After I did it once, I didn’t even have to think about it anymore. It’s practically automatic!

Does Bed Scrunchie fit on all beds?

Yes! BedScrunchie works with all bed types and sizes, including:

  • Crib
  • Twin & Twin-XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King, Cal-King & Split-King
  • Adjustable beds & memory foam
  • Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, Purple, Casper & all other major mattress brands!
  • Hospital beds, campers, boats and more!

To me, this is important – you never know when you might change your bed. Since Bed Scrunchie is so adaptable, I know I’ll be able to use it for the rest of my life.

Not only does it fit with every bed, but you can also use Bed Scrunchie with any sheets. As I mentioned, Bed Scrunchie can even make up for sheets that are too small for your mattress!

Personally, I keep my Bed Scrunchie attached to my sheets. It’s machine washable, so there’s no extra work involved!

I’m so grateful for Bed Scrunchie… I finally “sleep tight” – every night!

Thanks to Bed Scrunchie, I finally have an easy way to get the crisp, ironed feel of hotel sheets at home!

Now, I would have done a LOT to take care of this annoying, sleep-depriving problem. The fact that Bed Scrunchie is so easy to use is a huge bonus. I’m not a fan of lifting my mattress either, so I love that I don’t have to. It couldn’t be easier to get the perfect fit!

It’s truly a godsend for anyone who struggles with restlessness at night, tossers n' turners, people who lose sleep over annoying wrinkles, and those with OCD about getting those sheets perfect every time.

So, whether you’re sensitive to wrinkled sheets, hate it when the sheets keep coming off while you sleep, or you’re simply looking for that luxurious “hotel feel“... take it from a huge fan: Bed Scrunchie is the answer you didn’t know you needed. I can’t recommend it enough!

Update: Here’s where to get the best price on Bed Scrunchie!

Wow, I had no idea so many of you struggle with wrinkled, loose sheets… thanks for all your replies!

I could have predicted this, but the #1 question I’m getting is: Where do I get it?!

That’s easy: you can get it directly from the brand on this website. Not only will you get the absolute best price guaranteed, but you may even find awesome “secret deals” that they only display on that site. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in Bed Scrunchie!

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